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    Digital Printed Fabrics

    Digital Printed Fabrics

    Digital Printed Fabrics

    Digital Printed Fabrics

    Digital Printed Fabrics

    Digital Printed Fabrics

    Master Your Fabric Creations

    With Endless Customization and Precision Printing

    Elevate your fabric game with Charles Magne’s personalized digital prints, where innovation meets elegance!

    At Charles Magne, we bring digital finesse to woven and knitted fabrics, redefining the textile landscape. Our modern digital printing technology ensures intricate details, vivid colors, and endless customization possibilities, catering to your exclusive design requests. 

    With a wide range of digital options and top-notch printing quality in RGB, CMYK, and Pantone shades, we bring your vision to life on polyester, viscose, and crochet fabrics. Our young and dynamic team of graphic designers provides an endless supply of premium designs tailored to your unique needs. 

    Backed by advanced machines from Chinese to Italian brands, we guarantee top-quality prints that exceed your expectations. Charles Magne sets the stage for a new era in textile aesthetics, where digital innovation meets timeless elegance. Redefine your fabric experience with us.

    Why Choose Us

    What We Do

    1Fabric Selection

    We offer a vast selection of fabrics, including polyester, viscose, and crochet. Whether you need plain or fancy fabrics, we have an extensive range to meet your needs.

    2Print Selection

    Our merchandising team collaborates closely with you to understand your graphic requirements. We provide a wide range of design options, ensuring exclusivity and confidentiality for client-provided prints.

    3Pre-Production Print Samples

    We will send you samples of all printing options for approval. Our team provides various options in RGB/CMYK tones to ensure your designs look exactly as you envision.

    4Printing Production

    We ensure that all color tones match the approved samples. Using the same ink and machine brands, we maintain exacting standards between samples and production, ensuring quality and consistency.


    Our efficient planning and on-time delivery ensure you receive top-quality printed fabrics, crafted to perfection, every time.