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    Crochet Fabric

    Crochet Fabric

    Crochet Fabric

    Crochet Fabric

    Crochet Fabric

    Crochet Fabric

    Distinctive Style, Endless Possibilities

    Master the Crochet Trend with Confidence & Revolutionize Your Product Line

    Charles Magne offers a stunning range of crochet fabrics, perfect for any fashion-forward creation. We have been the ultimate source of the trendiest crochet fabrics for years.

    Crochet fabrics are the fancy fabric of the decade, and we provide options using yarns like polyester and cotton. We continuously produce new designs to meet the evolving needs of each season. This ensures you access to the latest and most sought-after crochet fabrics anytime.

    Whether you’re designing shirts or women’s garments, our versatile crochet fabrics are tailored to meet your specific needs with unmatched expertise. 

    At Charles Magne, we are your one-stop shop for all crochet fabric needs, empowering you to create standout pieces. Choose Charles Magne and elevate your designs with our exquisite crochet fabrics.

    Why Choose Us

    What We Do

    1Fabric Selection

    We offer endless possibilities with our extensive range of crochet fabrics. From polyester to cotton, our collection caters to your every need. Choose from a vast array of fancy crochet fabrics, empowering you to craft garments that truly stand out.

    2Dyeing/Print Selection

    Transform your crochet garments with our custom dyeing and printing options. Minimize shrinkage during garment-making with our pre-processed fabrics. Our expert team guides you through the selection process, ensuring your crochet fabrics perfectly meet your specifications.

    3Pre-Production Dyeing/Print Samples

    We provide pre-production dyeing and print samples to ensure your success. Our team meticulously prepares each sample, exploring various RGB/CMYK tones for perfect color and vibrancy. Collaborate with us to finalize a sample that embodies your vision.

    4Dyeing/Printing Production

    At Charles Magne, we ensure every color tone precisely matches the approved sample. Using the same ink and machine brands, we maintain exact standards. Each grey/RFD fabric undergoes meticulous inspection for optimal dyeing and printing quality.


    Timely delivery is crucial to your success. Our high-efficiency standards, meticulous planning, and pre-approved sampling process ensure we consistently deliver craftsmanship-standard crochet fabrics. Trust us to meet your deadlines and exceed expectations.